Narrowtex is a quality manufacturer and exporter of strapping and lashing products to the USA and other global markets for over 50 years.

Container Lashing from Narrowtex is manufactured to ensure a safe and secure cargo lashing system. The Narrowtex range of cargo lashing is marketed under the brand NARROLASH™ and the comprehensive range of products can accommodate various cargo securing systems.

The Narrowtex range of lashing systems ensure that cargo transported by either road, rail or sea freight will arrive at its destination without damage.

Narrowtex Composite/Cord Strapping is manufactured from high tenacity polyester yarns and encased in a high-quality polymer coating. Composite Strapping, also referred to as cord strap or synthetic steel, is an effective alternative to steel strapping, metal banding and plastic strapping. Composite Strapping does not rust and therefore will not damage precious cargo during transit and storage.

Composite strapping is designed to absorb impacts and load shifting during transit and unlike steel strapping will not snap or break.

We are excited to share that the following lashing and composite (cord) strapping products have been certified to meet the requirements of the Association of American Railroads’ (AAR) open top loading rules:

– Type 1A polyester woven lashing (111NSAW) 1 ¼ inch with MBS of 3 258 lbs.
– Type 1A polyester woven lashing (NW103) 1 ½ inch with MBS of 5 400 lbs.
– Type 1A polyester woven lashing (NW 152) 1 5/8 inch with MBS of 7 700 lbs.
– Type 1A composite strap (NC105) 1 ¼ inch with MBS of 3 285 lbs.

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