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Established in 1969, Narrowtex is celebrating over 50 years of manufacturing excellence. Narrowtex is a manufacturer and exporter of woven polyester strapping, woven polyester lashing, composite strapping, bonded strapping, seatbelt webbing, industrial webbing and curtain tapes.

From experience and technical expertise, together with premium quality standards, Narrowtex has developed into a well-recognised establishment in local and international markets with 55% of product volumes being distributed to Europe, USA and Australia.

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In line with our commitment to continuously improve performance and remain at the forefront of the narrow textiles market, Narrowtex holds the following accreditations:

  • Narrowtex ISO 9001 certified badge
  • Narrowtex AAR certified badge
  • Narrowtex IATF 16949 certified seatbelt strap
  • The Narrowtex production facility’s up to date laboratory is used for continuous testing at different stages of production, ensuring our consistent delivery of superior products.

    Narrowtex also uses accredited Labs for calibration i.e. tensile machine and have the calibration certificates issued by the accredited Lab.  If required by customers, Narrowtex can provide the following:

    • Tensile Test Report
    • COA – Certificate of Analysis
    • COC – Certificate of Conformance

    These certificates list the customer specifications and the actual test results.

    The Narrowtex production facility and head office is in South Africa in the serene midland town of Estcourt, where residents fulfil the factory’s staffing requirements, providing much needed employment in the area.  This forms part of the Narrowtex social responsibility program which also assists local schools with financial or other specific capital needs.

    Narrowtex is part of the NTX Group which forms part of SA BIAS Industries Pty Ltd.